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What to Include in your About Us Page (and Why it is the most important page on your website). - Dizenio

What to Include in your About Us Page (and Why it is the most important page on your website).

What to Include in your About Us Page (and Why it is the most important page on your website).

What to Include in your About Us Page (and Why it is the most important page on your website).

Building your website can be daunting and time-consuming enough that you start getting tired of it, so much so that the content will be pushed back to the last minute.  The result is that you then do it quickly ’cause you really want to and need to launch.  If you’re in this stage take a step back and think of the image you want to portray when visitors come to your site, not just the visual image but the message you’re putting out there.  Nothing sums your company up better than the about-us page.  This is the first thing that everyone is going to read so you’d better get it right and dedicate some quality time to it.  This is the page that everybody reads and it is proven, so here are a few tips to help you get your visitors engaged as quickly as possible.


Break the mould and be yourself.

Do not try and be someone else.  You are not like anybody else.  Your business is not like any other, so why should your about us page be like the gazillion others that are offering similar products or services?



If you have a sense of humor, use it.  People like to connect with people, and they also like to do business with like-minded individuals.   This is a good way to make some sort of impression and get the attention of the reader.   That said, if you really don’t have a sense of humor don’t try and conjure one up just for the sake of the argument but the least you can do is be yourself, original and sum up what you do in your own words.


Avoid Industry Jargon

Yes, you want to come across as professional as possible, but using industry jargon to do so is going to probably back-fire in the end.  Showing off with words that only you understand is going to either attract competitors or scare off potential clients.  If you’re a divorce lawyer no one wants to know what all the forms you have to file are called, but rather if you can get the job done efficiently and by the time stipulated.


Proof of why you’re worth working with.

Having said all that do not be afraid to include testimonials and mentions of other clients you have worked for in the past.  This can be a good way to help show that you’re reliable and that other people have trusted you with their work.   This can give your site more credibility and will help your visitor gain some trust in you and your offering, instantly.


Tell your story

People like to hear stories.  This is how the human brain works.  We like to gain knowledge, even if that knowledge is something as basic as gossip.  People want to know what got you where you are so when they’re buying your products or hiring you for your services they have a clear idea of who they’re dealing with.  So, if you have an interesting story-tell it.


Content- it’s all about you!

It is understandable that you want to shift the focus from you to the visitor, but not here.  The about-us content is important because it is going to give you a brand ‘voice’ so to speak and set the standard of what your brand is about, so don’t be afraid of using witty headlines and making it as un-generic as possible.  We all want a personalized service or product if possible and so do your customers so try to make sure that you do that without being too obvious.


Get your point across

Don’t expect the reader to know exactly what you do.  Make sure you get straight to the point and be precise and insightful at the same time.  Don’t make it too short but not too long either.  Readers are easily distracted!


The design can look as cool as you want but are you conveying the message?

This part of the about us page can be really tricky.  We’ve seen pages that are literally bland or plain but grip you instantly with the content and the right wording straight away and we’ve obviously seen the total opposite, of course, pages that look great but then the content does not hit any marks, none!  Don’t fall into the trap of either, but try and find a compromise between the two.


SEO and links

We have said that the use of jargon specific to your industry in your about us page is a no-no, but make sure that you use at least a couple of words that will help your site come up in searches.  Try and think of how a user would search for your type of product when using a search engine and make sure you at least include those words.  Careful not to do this a lot though as it might backfire as usually is the case, so try and be smart about it.


Don’t forget The Golden Rule: Sell yourself first before you sell your product.

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