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How Colour Theory is Used To Increase Website Conversion. - Dizenio

How Colour Theory is Used To Increase Website Conversion.

How Colour Theory is Used To Increase Website Conversion.

How Colour Theory is Used To Increase Website Conversion.

Color theory in web design is not just about making your website look good but it’s rather the marriage of science and art in terms of how color acts on our brain to elicit certain emotions or responses. When it comes to purchasing items online for example, color is one of those things that play a huge role on how your website visitors interact with certain elements on your site.

Simply put color acts as a form of communication between our eyes and our brains. When our eyes see something colorful, through a communication process known as the hypothalamus, cascade signals are sent to the pituitary gland and finally to the thyroid gland releasing certain hormones, which results in mood, emotion and behavior change. This whole process is known as color psychology and can be used when marketing your products and services online. So let’s dive straight into how can you use color psychology to boost your website conversion rate.


How to use color on your website.

It is usually standard practice to use only one or two colors when creating a website and different shades of those colors. However, it’s important to consider using colors that complete and highlight different areas on your page. To succeed in implementing color on your site whilst keeping conversion rate in mind we need to make sure that the colors we are using are being used at the right time, in the right way, for the right purpose, and also to the right audience.

Where you need to use colors

Depending on your needs colors can be used as your site theme, headline type, backgrounds, hero graphics, borders, popups, and buttons. You can also include color in your menus, subheadings, and sidebars, but the general rule is not to overdo it.

What different colors mean

Different colors mean different things when used on a website. Here are some color tips that will help improve your conversions.

  • Blue: Use blue to cultivate user trust.
  • Yellow: yellow is not a popular choice as it relates to warning signals.
  • Green: green is for environmentally friendly websites. Use also for CTA’s (Call to action Buttons) to guide the user to take action.
  • Red: most people associate red with excitement and urgency, but other also associate the color with harshness and warning, so use at your own risk or don’t use at all.
  • White: white stands for clean, freedom and breathability. Use for text blocks, Blog posts or general text areas.

Pink: pink is generally used v for promoting beauty products. It’s a feminine color associated with love, tranquility, and nurture.

  • Orange: this color stands for confidence and positivity without danger.
  • Brown: Brown is the most disliked color by males. It conveys a sense of nature.


To increase your website conversion rate, you need to know how to use colors in the right way. For instance, there are colors that ladies love and those that men love. Women like purple, green and blue and men like blue, green and black. Knowing your audience and the color to use will increase your website conversion rate.

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