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6 Reasons Why You Should Have Analytics Software on Your Website - Dizenio

6 Reasons Why You Should Have Analytics Software on Your Website

6 Reasons Why You Should Have Analytics Software on Your Website

6 Reasons Why You Should Have Analytics Software on Your Website

Most websites fail to convert or offer a return on investment because the owner doesn’t have valuable insights to shape their success strategy. Analytics software help website and business owners to have valuable insights about their customer and website conversion rate. Analytics software allows you to use technology to study your customers and their behavior. Here are 6 top reasons for using analytics software on your website.

1. You can segment your customer base

Every visitor visiting your website is different. The way they react and what they look for on your website is different. Analytics software allows you to segment your customer base using segment features.

2. Know where your visitors are from


To create a successful marketing strategy, you need to understand where your referral traffic comes from. Analytics software allows you to understand the geographical area that brings traffic to your website. Software like Google Analytics takes you to the grassroots of the source of your traffic to help understand and draw more customers.

3. Create and track campaigns

Businesses are looking to know and increase their customer base. Campaigns help business owners reach out to more customers. Analytics software makes things even more possible by allowing owners to create and track their campaigns accordingly. You could also use email campaigns to target potential customers and a specific customer segment.

4. Set your goals and achieve them

Software analytics can help you set goals and track your progress towards achieving them. If your goal is to understand the geographic area that brings more traffic to your website, for example, software analytics will help you achieve this goal.

5. Study your competition


Analytics software helps you study your competition by comparing your statistics with theirs. You can get an idea of the number of visitors your competitors acquire and subsequently devise a strategy to match and beat them therefore get more potential customers your way.

6. Understand things like bounce rate and click through rate.

To improve your conversion rate, you need to know your website bounce rate, meaning the number of visitors who visited your site but left before buying your product/s or services and understand the reason why. If the bounce rate is high, analytics software will provide you with a detailed report to help you solve the problem.

In a nutshell Analytics software helps you monitor visitor count and some of their behavior, understand your competitors, and make improvements and tweak where possible. Thankfully, the steps to take to improve your site bounce and conversion rates usually require rather simple methods. For instance, installing payments software or online application forms can help you reach your goal and improve your website conversion rate. When it comes to the website, using analytics software can’t be ignored.

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